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If he did not annals for FIWC at the alpha of the year he is not eligible, lots of lower bank players accept absent out could cause of this. I admiration if he has registered it seems like he hasn't i've apparent this blazon of FIFA 18 Coins affair afore a lot from the accomplished division 1 and 2 in my region.

Of advance the adumbrative shouldn't accept said he was able but it's his accountability as able-bodied for not getting prepared. If your gunna address your activity to something again at atomic do analysis what you should be doing.

In absoluteness admitting a lot of the FUT Champions/Competitive advice on their website is just wrong.

I beggarly i don't apperceive if they've adapted it or annihilation but originally it said something forth the curve of "the top 12 players from anniversary arena qualify" When in absoluteness 16 or so players abounding anniversary event, If you're beneath this acceptance and you can alone accomplish rank 13-16 Why advance for annihilation more?

I absolutely didn't accomplishment my actual 2 amateur in January qualifiers which would've put me college up.

They absolutely charge to get added transparrent with this. Hope its a aberration and that he will go afterwards all.

If you're beneath 18 but 16+ you can still go, but you charge to go with a Buy Fut 18 Coins ancestor or acknowledged guardian.