FIFA 18 - It's actually that simple

Playing a LF/RF at ST on 7 chem is hardly the end of the angel and in a lot of cases is hardly credible at all. Wingers should not be acclimatized to play as a striker on abounding attraction because they are wingers, not strikers. It's actually that simple.

Those cards shouldn't acquire and hopefully never will. It would abject that CDM-CB would acquire to acquire and afresh a LB to LM card.

And afresh anyone could play anywhere and at that date why even acquire positions and at that date why acquire leagues and at that date why even acquire chemistry.

It would just snowball like great. If you ambition to play players out of position which you shouldn't be able to do anyways you should crop some affectionate of hit for it.

I actually disagree with this, it is declared ultimate team, there was amaranthine of TOTS players i abiding who i would like to use but just can not, attraction should not acquire IMO, and position changes

should be allowed, i should be able to achieve my TOTS David Luiz into a CDM if i like etc, it will not aching or aperture the game, no one is traveling to play players in a position that wouldn't plan about so idon't see the harm.

Same as anyone like my Inform Can, in complete action he plays CM, but for Germany and Liverpool, he has aswell played in a ashamed 3 and RB, he can calmly play these positions, so i should be acclimatized to use him there if i like FIFA 18 Coins.