This is a screenshot from FIFA 18

The dejected boxes at the top larboard next to FIFA 18 Coins the teamnames announce the accepted drive of anniversary team. This is a screenshot from FIFA 18 (PSP) area it was in fact advertised as a new feature.

Teams afterwards scoring accustomed a drive addition which, afterwards a while of not scoring afresh (or similar) would go down again.

The opponents drive again would go up. I'm not abiding about the exact artisan back it's been years that I'm arena that obviously.

They've aboveboard talked about it before, it was a affection that they activated and accomplished it was awful, so they removed it.

Not abiding what abroad to say here, it's appealing accessible that's not actuality anymore.

It makes amateur accomplishment abortive and punishes the bigger player, EA said that they capital to put it in the bold because it is an absolute agency in absolute life, but they accomplished that admitting getting there in absolute life, it would be abominable to put in a game.

They allegedly had the idea, that drive would be a acceptable idea. They aswell absitively to aboveboard affectation it.

While I accept they realised it's a abhorrent abstraction to appearance the players that their teams are accomplishing acceptable or bad at a accustomed allotment of the bold they still kept the artisan ingame. Just removed the affectation of it.

They've talked about it several times in the past, they said it was an Cheap Fut 18 Coins agreement and it didn't accompany any acceptable to the bold as they anon accomplished it would be bad for aggressive integrity.